Grip, Electric, Prop & Set Dec Trucks...
All-Purpose Cargo Trucks
Custom designed for movie production.
All sizes available for film industry rental.
Trucks built for film departments include grip, electric, prop & set dressing.
All-Purpose Cargo Crew Cab Truck
10 Ton , Custom, Curtain-Side Crew Cab
Elliott Location Equipment 505-328-0909
International Crew Cab All-Purpose Cargo Truck
24 ft., 5 Ton,
Jockey Boxes, Air-Ride, Interlift Gate.
On location at Albuquerque Studios
Freightliner M2
Grip or Electric Truck

26 ft., Extended Cab,
Jockey Boxes,
Interlift Gate.

(Also, can be used as Set Dec)
10 Ton Grip, Electric & Set Dec Truck
30 ft. x 102,
Air-Ride, Large Lift Gate.
10 Ton Grip Truck 28 ft. (Grey),
Custom-shelved for Grip Department,
Cupula storage area over cab,
Jockey boxes & Interlift Gate.
Electric &
All-Purpose Cargo Trucks

10 Ton, 28 ft.
Cupola for Extra Storage,
Jockey Storage,
Extra Large Interlift Gate.
Elliott Location Equipment 505-328-0909
Elliott Location Equipment 505-328-0909
Twenty-five years experience in movie location equipment rental.
We rent custom movie production trucks, trailers and a wide range of location equipment.
Serving the Western & Gulf Coast states including New Mexico, Louisiana & California.