1200 and 1400 Amp. Generators. (E&E, truck or trailer mounted).
500 Amp, Single and Three-Phase Generators. (Tow plants or self-propelled).
Hondas Crystal-Sync Generators (Custom-quiet, set-up to run movie lights).
Other Hondas Generators:
Custom-quiet, various sizes: 1,000, 5500, and 6,500 watt & more.
Base Camp Wiring Packages.
1200 & 1400 Amp. Generators.
(E&E, truck or trailer mounted).
Honda EX5500 & Honda ES6500.
(Custom-quiet. Set-up to run movie lights).
Honda EU3000 & Honda EU1000.
(Custom-motified for movie sets. Quiet, set to run movie lights).
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