Our Mini-Honeywagons -- We call P-Mo's
All Sizes -- Custom designed for movie productions

Four & Two Luxury Restrooms; Trailers & Mobile Truck.
Custom designed to get close to the set.
P-Mo Grande SP
Luxury Four Restroom Mini-Honeywagon Mobile Truck.
he P'Mo Grande SP (Self-Propelled) is custom designed for on-location productions to get to the set, quickly & easily, in-style.

Heating & Air-Conditioning,
Men's & Women's,
Hot & Cold Running Water,
Large Capacity Tank, Generator,
Towing Capable,
P-Mo Trailers
Two-Room Mini-Honeywagons.
Custom designed for small spaces -- close to the set.
Luxury. Two heated restrooms. Large capacity.
P-Mo Grande
Four-Room Mini-Honeywagons.
Luxury. Custom designed.
Four heated restrooms.
Large capacity.
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Twenty-five years experience in movie location equipment rental.
We design and rent movie production trucks, trailers and a wide range of location equipment.
Serving the Western & Gulf Coast states including New Mexico & California.