We have more than forty Stakebeds. Custom designed for movie locations. All with lift-gates.
Two to Five-Ton models. Includes 4x4s and Crew Cabs. All automatic transmissions.
12 ft., 14 ft., 16 ft. beds, plus oversized beds up to 24 ft. Some Fifth Wheels. Most with Air-Ride.
Here are 4 pages with samples from our stakebed fleet...
Isuzu Crew Cab,
14 ft. bed
and International Crew Cab
Fifth Wheel, 12 ft. bed.
International Crew Cabs
Fifth Wheel, 12 ft. beds,
Diesel, as well as gas powered models.
All with automatic transmissions.
Ford 550 Crew Cabs
Fifth Wheel, 12 ft. beds, 4x4.
Ford 650s
Fifth Wheel, 14 ft. beds,
Automatic Transmissions, Air-Ride.
Ford 550 Crew Cabs
12 ft. bed, 4x4.

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