Elliott Location Equipment
Elliott Location Equipment
Location, Transportation, Studio
& Special Effects Equipment

for Movies, Television, & Commercials

We rent:

We have:

  • Rental Equipment Packages for All Budgets.
  • Certified Drivers and Operators.
  • Thirty Years Experience in Feature Film, Commercials, Print, Movie & Television Production Rentals.

We are:

  • Owner Operated.
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico based...

We serve:

  • The Western States, California & the Gulf Coast.
    • Including Albuqueque & Santa Fe, NM Studios
    • New Mexico, Louisana, Arkansas,Texas, Utah
    • Nashville, Shreveport, New Orleans
    • Los Angeles, California
    Contact: Wayne Elliott
    Phone: 505-328-0909
    Shop: 505-247-2511
    LA: 310-915-1744
    Fax: 505-242-2398

    Elliott Location Equipment
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
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